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Ky Richy Explores Uncharted Territory With A Powerful New Album No Sad Faces

Indie hip-hop artist Ky Richy is on top of his game, sharing a recent album No Sad Faces which is dedicated to redefining and reshaping the artist’s life. After accomplishing much in LA, Ky Richy moved away into the unknown and took a short break to recuperate, which resulted in this new album. “It was during this time I battled my demons, found new love in my life, and was blessed with my son ‘Ocean’. These life experiences truly inspired me to clean up my act, remember how far I’ve come as an artist, and motivated me to create a new piece of work. I look at ‘No Sad Faces’ as a rebirth to my artistry, giving new life to the Ky Richy brand, and setting us up for amazing projects to come!” the artist said in his latest interview. Read the full interview here, and find out about Ky Richy’s other works. 

As an artist who’s been in the game for a while, Ky Richy has built up quite the fan base with tens of thousands of monthly listeners and over a million plays on his hit song “Feeling My Vibe” featuring Blxst. Richy has a very unique style that is apparent in all of his tracks—a certain urban flair and an incredibly charismatic presence that instantly commands attention. With that said, the artist’s lyrics are typically so raw and relatable that each piece feels like a heart to heart conversation with an old friend—something not every musician can achieve.

Richy has previously released Pink Cloud in 2018, Switchblades and Roses in 2019, and Summer Nights After Quarantine in 2020. He also kicked off the No Sad Faces album tour on June 10, 2022. He toured around 13 cities in the US promoting his recent record,  including acclaimed songs like “Crypto,” “Slumped,”  “Change,” ft. Jay Delaine, “Confused,” ft. James Duer, and so on. A powerful artist who tells genuine stories through his art, Ky Richy should already be on your playlist!