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KANARY Records on driving a paradigm shift between music, multimedia, and fashion leadership

In a groundbreaking move, KANARY Records recently took center stage as part of Zig Zag’s 150th-anniversary celebration, showcasing its entire roster in a campaign shoot featuring the latest Fall/Winter merchandise and accessories. The label, known not only for its impressive musical lineup but also for its distinctive lifestyle brand, is rapidly evolving into a cultural movement with a diverse global fan base and a strong foundation in Los Angeles and Toronto.

At the heart of KANARY’s recent success is its involvement in a campaign shoot and commercial production for Zig Zag, where the label co-creatively directed the project alongside an exceptional team. The forthcoming video promises to capture the essence of KANARY’s raw and dynamic energy, further solidifying its status as a creative force to be reckoned with.

KANARY is not just a label; it’s a mission. The label aims to redefine industry standards by bringing top-tier sound palettes to the forefront, infusing vibrant colors into the rapidly expanding world of music. Despite its roots in the underground scene, KANARY is breaking through, fusing its raw energy into the commercial world, not only as a musical force but also as a distinct brand identity.

As the DVBBS brothers assume their roles as music executives, transparency and fair deals for artists take center stage. The label’s upcoming plans include the release of singles, the introduction of emerging artists to the global stage, and the establishment of a new agency for artist bookings. Under this new model, artists who sign or distribute through KANARY Records gain not only a full-fledged release but also the freedom to navigate their musical journey without being tied down.

“We prioritize soul connection and trust with artists before signing deals,” explains Alex, shedding light on the inclusive and collaborative nature of KANARY’s team. The label’s appeal lies in its commitment to providing artists with worldwide release opportunities, robust marketing strategies, and extensive promotion support.

With a global perspective, KANARY is expanding its footprint by establishing recording creative studios worldwide. The Beverly Hills location, in particular, boasts the original cheetah-printed recording booth once used by the legendary Jimi Hendrix, symbolizing a connection to music history and innovation.

Furthermore, KANARY’s foray into unique collaborations exemplifies its commitment to bridging the gap between underground authenticity and mainstream appeal. A notable example is the recent merch collaboration with the legendary Los Angeles staple Mel’s Diner, underscoring KANARY’s ability to blend its identity seamlessly with iconic cultural landmarks.

Looking ahead, KANARY Records is gearing up for an exciting first quarter of 2024, with new music releases from artists such as Bad Nonno, Arkade, and Dayfiive. The label aims not only to set new standards in the music industry but to showcase “how it should be done” – a testament to its unwavering commitment to originality, creativity, and authenticity.