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Kalimba is Accused of Sexual Assault, He Responds With Threat of Legal Action

[Editor’s note: This story contains information about sexual assault]

On Mar. 17, the Mexican singer Kalimba responded to the sexual abuse allegations made by the singer-songwriter and former La Voz México contestant Melissa Galindo. The OV7 member claims that he will proceed with legal action after Galindo published an Instagram post yesterday (Mar. 16) recounting her alleged encounters with Kalimba.

In a press release, Kalimba first thanked his supporters and fanbase. He assures that he’s always respectful towards people that he has worked with in the past. He wrote, “I firmly deny the statements made against me. Before the authorities, I will demonstrate with evidence the falsehood of these accusations with the help of my legal team.”

He also notes in the press statement that he admires and celebrates women for coming forward “in these movements” but that it’s sad when they’re used in incorrect matters, whether for revenge, a benefit, or evading economic and legal responsibilities. He closes the statement by saying he will take “legal action against the defamation” he is being subjected to, which includes against those who have replicated the message without safeguarding his identity and rights.

The statement is in response to a video that Galindo posted on Mar. 16, alleging past sexual abuse encounters with Kalimba. She began the video by saying that three years ago, Kalimba called her to sign her to his record label and invited her to open one of his concerts in Monterrey, Mexico. She said he invited those part of the performance to dinner after the show. She noted that he was drunk, and people wanted to continue to party after dinner, but she wanted to go home to sleep.

On the way back to the hotel in a car — where Kalimba sat next to her — Galindo said he touched her knee, praised her work, and after she thanked him for his words, he touched her vagina. She said she was shocked but didn’t say anything since she was with his team. 

Galindo also shared a second encounter with Kalimba, this time during the pandemic when the singer and his manager asked her to hang out. When she turned them down, they still showed up drunk at her house. She decided to go with them back to their place with the intention of leaving them as soon as she could. She detailed that while on the way, Kalimba hugged her, touched her breast, and then her knee. Just like in the first instance, he allegedly touched her vagina after praising her work.

Once she got to his house, Galindo said he sat on top of her as she sat in a chair. At this point, she says he touched her backside. Afterward, she claims he noted the kiss they had exchanged when shooting a music video was too good and then proceeded to ask her if she wanted to have sexual intercourse with him, claiming no one would ever find out. Galindo said she turned him down and left. She sought legal help to get out of her artist contract the next day.

In response to her lawyer’s actions, Galindo said the record label sent her a list of alleged debts owed by her. She closed the video by saying she hopes this doesn’t happen again to anyone else.

Earlier today (Mar. 17), Galindo posted an Instagram story about how other women have reached out to her about “similar or worse behavior” by Kalimba. She also said that she would seek legal help on this matter. 

This isn’t the first time Kalimba is accused of sexual abuse. In 2011, the singer was accused of sexually abusing two teens in Mexico. Ultimately, the case was dismissed due to a lack of evidence.