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John Leguizamo & Auli’i Cravalho Featured in First-Look at Sci-fi Thriller Series ‘The Power’

On Thursday (January 26), Vanity Fair released a set of first-look photos from the upcoming Amazon Prime series The Power. The Latine talent in the cast includes John Leguizamo (Critical Thinking) and Auli’i Cravalho (Darby and the Dead).

Based on the 2016 dystopian sci-fi novel of the same name by the British writer Naomi Alderman, The Power is set during a time when all the teenage girls in the world develop the power to electrocute people at will.

In the series, Leguizamo plays Rob, the husband of the mayor of Seattle, Margot Cleary-Lopez (Toni Collette). Cravalho plays their teen daughter, Jos, who is trying to understand her newfound ability.

In one photo, Rob and Margot are standing in front of each other with concerned looks on their faces. Rob is holding his wife’s hand while her hand is on his shoulder. At this point, they might already know what Jos is capable of doing.

In another photo, Jos is seen holding some burning paper in her hand. Did the jolts from her fingertips cause the paper to catch fire? There’s also a photo of Margot standing at a lectern inside a city facility. Her family, including Rob and Jos, are standing behind her as she smiles.

Another Latine starring in the series is Chilean trans actress Daniela Vega who plays Sister Maria, a character who supports Jos during her time of need. Vega is best known for starring in the lead role of Sebastián Lelio’s Oscar-winning 2017 film A Fantastic Woman.

The Power is scheduled to premiere on Amazon Prime this year.