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Kais Khoury, aka KAIS drops a two-track EP, including “Willow” and “On to Land.” Incorporating Indie, Psychedelia, Blues, Folk Rock, and Neo Soul, the Jordanian and Canadian singer-songwriter makes bold creative decisions, showcasing his undeniable talent for fusing multiple sounds and styles together. 

“I definitely do a lot of inner work, “ explains KAIS. The up-and-coming artist uses his storytelling skills to reflect on the nature of human existence. His insightful lyrics depict deep emotional intelligence, “It’s a lot of exploration that led to inspiration and the subsequent attempts at creative emulation.”

The multicultural musician confesses that detaching from social media helps him focus and boosts his creativity, “I don’t believe you could make music from a real place if you didn’t. And the last thing you want is for inauthenticity in your writing to show through. I’ve never seen the REAL benefit of going on REEL binges.”

Digging deeper into the new EP, KAIS says that Willow first starts out “dreary and dark” and then transitions into a brighter and more hopeful mood with “On to Land.” The Amman native admits, “Living in the heart of the London music scene also helped bring me closer to understanding the source and process of music inspiration rising artists from the UK were immersed in. I’ve now hit a point where I feel, not limitless, but bountiful, in creativity.”

Inspired by artists like Jeff Buckley, Ben Howard, Radiohead, and RY X, and growing up listening to Billy Joel, Elton John, and Frank Sinatra, KAIS manages to integrate those influences into his music. The “Willow” singer continues to evolve his composition and production skills, planning to release an instrumental album very soon.

Listen to “Willow” and “On The Land” here: