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Tourist Unveils Immaculate Melodic Single, “Crush”

As Spring approaches we find ourselves drawn towards the rhythms and melodies that inspire an air of awakening. If you find yourself in a similar boat, look no further than Tourist’s latest single, “Crush.”

This new track from the English producer is brimming with the energy of the shifting seasons. Starting with glinting synths like dew in the grass, the warmth of keyboard layers next adds a new breath of life into the mix. The steady prolonged rise that follows adds depth and vibrance like the rising sun until we arrive in the full depth and vibrancy of the new day. Phillips shared the creation of his song saying:

“Crush is a track that really came together during the last leg of writing the album, it felt like it was something that harkened back to my first album U and I really enjoyed writing something that felt like a younger me may have written. Sometimes you write music and it feels incredibly instinctive and direct, “Crush”is one of those tunes for me.” -Tourist

This tune comes as the latest taste of Tourist’s forthcoming fifth studio album, Memory Morning, due out April 19th. If the rest of the album is anything close to the beauty of this track, then we are in for one heck of project. Stream “Crush” by Tourist below, and enjoy!

Tourist – Crush

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