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Just.InTime Reaches Thousands of Listeners With “Owner” & “deadawayfromYOU”

Just.InTime aka Justin recently came out with new singles his audience has been loving: “Owner” & “deadawayfromYOU”. The two songs embody Justin’s incredible life experiences and his devotion to God. After having an enlightening experience, Just.InTime became determined to praise God through art and to bring this positive light to all people. In his own words: “He just always involves me in His Masterpieces. Knowing my love for music. Allowing me to take part in this Divine position to only be His vessel. So that I wouldn’t ruin lives but shine love light rather on to those who’ve been needing His message to be heard through me.” 

No newcomer to the game, Just.InTime continues to diligently work on his sound, evolving and sharing his incredible insight with listeners through a unique blend of hip-hop and pop. The artist makes magic happen with powerful beats and rhythms while the personal lyrics evoke profound emotions within the audience.