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Jenni Rivera Will Receive A Star At The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Jenni Rivera is one of this generation’s most iconic Regional Mexican artists. Since her death in 2012, it’s been tribute after tribute immortalizing her great talent. The latest grand gesture? Jenni Rivera was revealed as part of 2023’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Class on June 17. Can you imagine taking a photo next to La Diva de la Banda’s official Hollywood star?

“Wow. I have no words to explain the joy, the excitement, and the sense of pride that has filled, not only me but all of our hearts,” Rivera’s daughter Jacqie Rivera said on Instagram. “Thank you for loving her so much.”

She continued: “You did it momma!! You’re getting a star on the Hollywood walk of fame! And I can almost hear you saying back to us. ‘Thought I Waznt?!’”

Another one of Rivera’s children, Johnny Cinco, wrote on Twitter: “MY MOM IS FINALLY GETTING HER MF STAR ON THE HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME BROOOO.”

It goes without saying that the “De Contrabando” singer’s fans are also thrilled that she is part of 2023’s honorees. A Twitter user commented: “Jenni Rivera is getting her own star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. That’s huge! ?? As she should!”


Other Latine artists that were also part of this honor include Marc Anthony and Sheila E. According to Deadline, those selected were part of “hundreds of nominations.” They also point out that “being named doesn’t automatically mean a star will be granted,” and that those selected have two years to accept the award as well as pay the fee that comes with it.

However, based on the excitement and reactions from the Rivera family alone, it looks like Jenni will be part of the Hollywood Walk of Fame soon. I mean, it’s what La Gran Señora deserves, right? Let’s hope so!