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J Balvin Learns Ancient Martial Arts in Pink-Hued 'Rosa' Video

J Balvin continues his series of Colores music videos with “Rosa,” his latest color-themed visual made in collaboration with director Colin Tilley.

The clip sees Balvin visiting a pink-hued Japanese fortress and encountering a martial arts master. As Balvin trains in the ancient fighting style, he encounters cherry blossoms, dancers with demon masks and many other fantastical sights, all based around the color pink. The video was filmed prior to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“Rosa” follows a whole series of Colores visuals including “Amarillo,” “Azul,” “Negro,” “Rojo” and “Gris.” In a Rolling Stone interview from quarantine, Balvin discussed his repeated collaborations with Tilley (outside of Colores, Tilley created the video for Balvin and Bad Bunny’s “Cuidao Por Ahí”) and why he appreciates him so much as a director.

“Everything I do with Colin Tilley is just out of this world, it’s different, it’s fresh,” Balvin said. “Of course, with the theme being colors, we could play a lot. And when thinking of [‘Roja’], of red… I saw fire. I’m grateful that [Tilley] connected the video to the way I dreamed it, and that people could feel connected to me when they see it. It’s about more than just the music — I want to make people to really think about what is life.”

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