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Reddit User Says Ghosts in Their House ‘Hate’ Their Morning Alarm

Most people aren’t exactly fond of their alarm clock, but one Reddit user claims even the ghosts in their house can’t stand their early morning wake-up routine.

In a post titled “My Ghosts Hate My Morning Alarms” on the Paranormal subreddit, a user claims they believe their house is haunted because the apparent vindictive ghosts who reside there interfere with their morning alarms.

“The first experience with this was a couple of weeks ago, my alarms had been going off in the morning but I hadn’t woken up properly, until I heard an irritated voice say my name as if to wake me up because my alarms weren’t doing the job,” the user wrote.

“The second time, same thing again, alarms going off but I wasn’t getting up, and then I heard something hard fall on the floor in my bedroom. I got up to investigate but nothing was on the floor at all,” they continued.

The latest creepy incident took place just “the other morning.”

“I’d snoozed my arms a few times because I couldn’t be bothered to get up. When I finally did wake up properly, I realized that I hadn’t heard any more alarms. I went to grab my phone, only to discover it had been taken off charge and thrown across the room, too far away to have just vibrated off the side table,” the user explained.

“Conclusion? I’m lazy and my ghosts don’t approve,” they added.

In the comments section, one Reddit reader shared their own similar spooky stories.

“Interesting. I used to live in a haunted house and one morning all [three] of us (roommates) had our alarm clocks messed with, causing us all to have a slightly inconvenienced day. Mine was battery operated and went off [one] hour late. Roomie 1 had wind up, and hers never went off. Roomie 2 had electric and hers went off [one] hour early, but she didn’t notice ([’cause] it was pre-dawn) and went to work an hour early. It was quite odd,” they wrote.

Another suggested an alternative solution for the OP’s [original poster] wake-up calls.

“You can tell your ghost that, according to a variety of parents whose kids apparently do not hate them for this, long-term at least, the best way to get you out of bed when the alarm goes off is to rudely shock you awake with water, ice, or best of all, ice-cold marbles out of the freezer, which can be gathered up and reused the next day. Most folks said it only took a week at most and then was never a problem again,” they commented.

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But OP isn’t the only Reddit user having some trouble with their sleep schedule thanks to the unfriendly ghosts in their home.

In another Reddit post, a different user says they’ve been woken up a number of times by loud clapping directly above their head.

“There were a [couple of] times when I heard maybe two claps. I wouldn’t say it felt pleasant. I mean there was nothing around that would cause such a sound. It is the strangest thing and I’m wondering if anyone else has ever experienced this? It is definitely pretty startling especially being asleep or perhaps on the verge of waking up,” they began.

“They have happened at every place that I have ever lived so I’m sure it’s nothing to do with any type of house noises. The last clap awakening was maybe about a year ago, but it was so insanely loud it sounded more like something unreal and something like a bang, accompanied with an odd screeching sound. I suppose that’s another story,” the user added.

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