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Is Shakira’s New Song About Piqué? These Lyrics Make It Seem So

After her very public breakup with Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué, Shakira’s songs take on a new meaning. With every new social media post, Shakira fans are now quick to speculate deeper meanings of everything the Colombian star does – including dissecting what she truly means with her heart-wrenching words. Could it be that her new bachata collaboration with Ozuna, “Monotonía,” is actually about her ex-partner?

While we, of course, don’t know for certain, some of the new song’s lyrics and a few scenes in the music video could easily be pinpointed as describing the aftermath of their 11-year relationship. On social media, some fans are comparing similarities of an old video with this new one. For example, they point out that the man who shoots Shakira with a bazooka is wearing a similar outfit that Piqué wore in her “Me Enamoré” music video from 2017.

Is it a coincidence? Maybe. But one thing about Shakira is that she expresses herself through her music. Fans even say that she’s never been one to shy away from metaphors but that with this new video and lyrics, she’s as direct as ever.

This isn’t the first time people speculate her music being about her last relationship. Before “Monotonía,” fans theorized that “Te Felicito” was also about the soccer player. They even compared Shakira’s peace sign as a subtle reference to FC Barcelona athlete’s gesture to dedicate his past goals to her.

But let’s take a deeper look at the newly released song’s lyrics. Now with “Monotonía,” everyone’s buzzing about her brutally honest lyrics that, upon first listen, had us with our jaw-dropped. Are we even emotionally ready to listen to the prominent Colombian’s potential side of the story through her music? Here are five lyrics that imply that “Monotonía” is about Piqué.


“Nunca dije nada, pero me dolía, Yo sabía que esto pasaría”


“Me dejaste por tu narcisismo”


“Tú no daba’ ni la mitad, pero sí sé que di más que tú”


“Es un adiós necesario… Lo que un día fue increíble se volvió rutinario”


“No fue culpa tuya, ni tampoco mía”