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Is Nelly Furtado Working With Lido Pimienta & Bomba Estéreo? Here’s What We Know

It appears that the Canadian-Portuguese pop singer Nelly Furtado is preparing to make a comeback! The buzz started when Bomba Estéreo’s Li Saumet posted multiple video clips of her working with Furtado last week. However, Saumet isn’t the only musician confirming the pop singer’s appearance. Colombian singer-songwriter Lido Pimienta also confirmed Nelly’s presence in Colombia in a different post. What is everyone to?

“The rumors are true, Nelly Furtado is in Barranquilla,” Pimienta posted on Twitter. “She came to see me, she came to patch and support a project we’ve been doing for my next album and other things. I’m excited for you to see/hear everything that’s coming with and from her. My comadre Nelly!”

Fans are beyond thrilled to hear that both Saumet and Pimienta are working individually with the “Maneater” singer. One Twitter user said: “Everything seems to indicate that a Bomba Estéreo collaboration with Nelly Furtado is coming, I’m very excited about it.”

In a new Instagram Story post today (May 31), Furtado published a clip of Saumet and her working at Papaya Studios. In the clip, we see Saumet grooving to a reggaeton pop beat, the same track that is heard in the previous clips posted by the Bomba Estéreo member. Could it be that their collaboration is almost complete?

Whether it’s Saumet or Pimienta’s collaboration that comes out first, one thing’s for sure: we can’t wait to hear what Furtado is creating these days. Besides celebrating her 15th anniversary with an extended version of Loose last year, it’s been over five years since her last album release.

Will we get a Caribbean reggaeton pop infused with hip-hop album from the “Promiscuous” singer? Will Timbaland be involved? We’ll have to wait and see – but we’re more than ready for her new era!