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Is Bad Bunny Featuring Vico C in New Album?

Bad Bunny is leaving fans wondering what’s coming next. Yesterday (Oct. 9), the Puerto Rican icon revealed that he’s dropping a new album, Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va A Pasar Mañana, on Oct. 13. The latest speculation? Fans think he has a collaboration with Vico C on the way, based on Benito’s social media activity and how he announced his album release date.

Is Vico C involved in Benito’s next project? It wouldn’t be too far-fetched since the rap veteran is back in the music scene. Vico C recently picked up his legendary rap career after over a decade of being out of the spotlight. Last March, he made his epic comeback with “Pregúntale A Tu Papá Por Mí.” He was later celebrated during the Premios Tu Música Urbano (June 16), where he received the musical trajectory recognition. 

Social media users now wonder if Benito’s Instagram story post soundtracked by Vico’s “Viernes 13” could hint at what’s coming on Friday. Another reason is based on how he made a point to write “Viernes 13” rather than “10/13” or “13 de octubre.” Whether it’s true or not, social media users hope for a collaboration. “Bad Bunny HAS to release a song with Vico C on this Friday the 13th album,” wrote one X user. 

Moreover, other social media users are speculating that Benito will bring back his trap era based on his hairstyle. 

Though we only know the album’s official title and release date, online users are leaving no stone unturned for hidden clues or overlooked information. However, Benito is shooting down rumors through his WhatsApp Channel. “I woke up a little sad after finding out that after everything I’ve tried to show you, there are still many who do not learn 😔,” he wrote today (Oct. 10).

He continued: “How is it possible that there are so dumb people believing the fake tracklists and the fake billboards with fake [features]???? How????”

We’ll have to wait until Friday the 13th to see what El Conejo Malo has in store for us.