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Is Ana de Armas the New Wonder Woman?

With all the changes happening in the DC Universe these days, it’s not surprising that names are getting tossed around when discussing plans for future movies. The most recent name to come up for a shot at a major DC Comics role is Ana de Armas (Blonde). During an interview with Wired magazine, the Oscar nominee was asked if she might take over the role of Wonder Woman now that there seems to be uncertainty about Gal Gadot continuing to play the character since a third installment of the superhero series was scrapped.

New DC heads James Gunn and Peter Safran made that decision late last year but have not detailed what their plans are (if any) to move forward with more Wonder Woman movies. The speculation, of course, is natural as DC works its way through a messy retooling of its company. De Armas, however, didn’t take the bait when asked if she’d be interested in playing the powerful Amazon.

“Well, I feel like Gal Gadot is doing a great job,” De Armas said. “I think she should keep doing that.”

The next question should be, “If Gal Gadot doesn’t reprise her role as Wonder Woman in the DC Universe, would she be a character you could see yourself playing?”

Plenty of social media users already had their answer ready once the hypothetical question was asked about de Armas one day wielding the Lasso of Truth. Some are ready to recast the entire Justice League for a new DC era, including Wonder Woman.

Many Gadot fans thought de Armas’ answer was exactly what it needed to be – diplomatic.

If not Wonder Woman, there are many other characters in the DC Universe that de Armas could play.

Would you like to see Ana de Armas join DC? If so, which character would you like her to play?