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Inside ‘ÉXODO’: Peso Pluma’s Star-Studded New Album

Peso Pluma, a rising star in the global music scene, has released his highly-anticipated studio album, “ÉXODO“. This album marks a major milestone in his career, highlighting his rapid ascent and solidifying his presence in the Latin music industry. “ÉXODO” is more than just an album; it showcases Peso Pluma’s versatility and ability to collaborate with a diverse array of artists. The 24-track album features collaborations with notable artists from various genres and styles.

The album opens with “La Durango,” setting the stage for an eclectic musical journey. Peso Pluma‘s talent for blending different sounds is evident throughout the album, especially in tracks like “Me Activo” and “La Patrulla,” which feature dynamic beats and memorable hooks. “La People II” stands out with its engaging rhythm, while “Sr. Smith” showcases Peso Pluma’s storytelling skills.

Collaborations are a key feature of “ÉXODO.” Peso Pluma brings together a remarkable lineup of artists, including Junior H, Eslabón Armado, Jasiel Nuñez, Neton Vega, Tito Double P, Joel de la P, Luis R. Conriquez, Óscar Maydon, Chino Pacas, Estevan Plazola, Iván Cornejo, Natanael Cano, Gabito Ballesteros, DJ Snake, Cardi B, Anitta, Kenia Os, Rich the Kid, Quavo, Arcángel, and Ryan Castro. These collaborations add variety and depth to the album, highlighting Peso Pluma’s ability to work seamlessly with different artists.

Tracks like “Rome la Dompe” and “Mami” highlight Peso Pluma’s knack for creating catchy, danceable tunes, while “Belanova” and “Bruce Wayne” offer a more introspective vibe. “Hollywood” and “Reloj” bring a touch of sophistication to the album with their polished production.

“Ice” is a standout track, blending Peso Pluma’s signature style with a contemporary sound. “Solicitado” and “Santal 33” continue this trend with their innovative beats and captivating melodies. “Vino Tinto” and “14-14” offer a more traditional feel, showcasing Peso Pluma’s roots and his ability to create timeless music.

The album’s latter half includes tracks like “Gimme a Second” and “Put Em in the Fridge,” which keep the energy high. “Pa No Pensar” and “Peso Completo” are both powerful tracks with compelling arrangements. “Bellakeo” and “Mala” offer a playful vibe, while “Tommy & Pamela” and “Teka” bring the album to a reflective close.

Peso Pluma’s rise on Spotify is a testament to his talent. He has become one of the platform’s fastest-growing artists, surging from 2 million to 50 million monthly listeners in less than a year. This growth has set a new benchmark, making him the first Latin artist to achieve such a feat so quickly.

In the United States alone, over 37 million users have streamed Peso Pluma’s songs this year. His music is streamed more than 5,000 times per minute on average, making him the most streamed Mexican artist in the US. Saturdays see the highest engagement, suggesting his music is a weekend favorite.

Overall, “ÉXODO” is a testament to Peso Pluma‘s artistry and ability to captivate a global audience. With its diverse tracks and star-studded collaborations, the album is set to make a significant impact in the music industry and further establish Peso Pluma as a leading force in Latin music.