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Indya Moore and Tommy Hilfiger Created a Thoughtful New Line for All

Whenever Indya Moore hits the red carpet, the Pose star’s fashion choices always have a purpose. A pair of Beads Byaree statement earrings they sported in 2019, for instance, were worn as a statement of solidarity with trans women across America, in light of the violence they continue to face. Each frame in the earrings represented 17 trans women who were murdered that year. Moore often uses their platform to highlight crucial causes or issues affecting the LGBTQ+ community, and in the process, shows how something like fashion can be a powerful vessel to do so. And now, they’re also collaborating with Tommy Hilfiger on a new line that continues this thoughtful ethos.

Moore and Hilfiger have partnered on a new capsule collection titled TommyxIndya, which will be available from July 13th on and at select retail locations in Europe starting July 20th. The partnership offers clothing, intimates, and accessories for all. Moore took classic Hilfiger pieces—such as the pinstripe blazer or Oxford button-down shirt—and reworked them aesthetically and functionally. A satin-linen sailing jacket, for example, has an adjustable drawstring waist, while a striped shirt dress has dropped shoulders and strategic darting to fit a wider range of body types. “I wouldn’t say it’s genderless—I would say it’s genderfull,” says Moore. “I wanted the collection to be something that was inviting to everyone—everybody across a spectrum of human bodies, shapes, sizes, genders, and forms of expression.” Hilfiger adds, “The TommyXIndya partnership is here to make people feel seen, accepted and included. Working with Indya to share their story has been a unique and inspiring experience.” Sizes for the line range from XXS to XXXL, and prices range from $29.90 for briefs to $379 for jackets.

Photo: Courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger

For Moore, collaborating with Hilfiger had a deep significance. “Tommy Hilfiger was a cultural presence in my community growing up,” says Moore. “Even still—Black folks are always rocking Tommy Hilfiger. Aaliyah is one of my favorite artists, and when I think about Tommy Hilfiger, I think about her.” The bandeau tops or bucket hats, for instance, very much channel the spirit of Moore’s music icon Aaliyah. Images of lotus flowers, which appear in the prints and on the labels, are imbued with personal sentiment as well. “The symbolism is about coming up from what is perceived to be unclean waters, and showing up really beautifully,” says Moore. “Metaphorically, I relate to that.”

In addition to the line’s inclusive functionality, Moore also wanted the collaboration to benefit good causes that are close to their heart. To do so, donations were made to three causes including Rainbow Railroad, Reuniting of African Descendants (ROAD), and the Global Coalition, whose causes range from protecting LGBTQ+ folks to protecting the ocean. The collaboration’s campaign, meanwhile, was also shot on inspiring creatives who Moore sees as changing the face of the fashion industry: It includes Chella Man—a deaf, transgender man who recently collaborated with Private Policy—Gia Love, Cory Walker, and Pigeon.

Photo: Courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger

Overall, Moore says being a part of the project was a fun way to flex a new, creative skillset. “I felt like that 13-year-old kid again, who was cutting holes in their jeans and their graphic tees,” says Moore. “Being that queer kid again and creating things that I feel represent me.” As a child, they never could have imagined partnering with a global fashion brand—let alone creating clothes that speak to individuals who have long felt ignored by fashion’s binding gender barriers. “I felt like that [using my voice] would be something that would keep me from getting work, and keep from having collaborations with incredible brands like Tommy Hilfiger,” says Moore. “But that ended up being the reason why they wanted to collaborate with me in the first place. And we created something beautiful.” 

Photo: Courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger