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IAMTHELIVING Offers Refreshing Take On Indie R&B With ‘Nebra Sky, Pt. 1’ EP

More than anything, we at TSIS love to highlight the best, most-promising up-and-coming musicians. Today’s edition is London born, Vancouver based artist IAMTHELIVING. His new EP Nebra Sky Pt. 1 is a breath of fresh air and an exciting foray into soulful, indie R&B territory.

The first thing that catches our attention when listening to this EP is IAMTHELIVING’s incredible voice. Deep, self-assured, and smooth as whiskey, his vocals take the center stage over minimal background guitar strumming on most of the tracks. While some tracks are more fast-paced, like the funky “Rockin’ London City,” IAMTHELIVING takes his time establishing his brand of rich and refreshing soul music on slower ballads like “Can’t Be Replaced.”

Gratitude serves as the clear theme for this EP. Nebra Sky Pt. 1 opens with a voice note from his mother before launching into “Superhero” which is a clear dedication to her. He sings about how his role model supported his entire family as a single mother while simultaneously putting herself through college, calling her a “hero from the heavens of the cosmos.” The rest of the tracks on this project are equally uplifting, designed to share IAMTHELIVING’s light with his listeners.

If you want a dose of feel-good musical therapy, make sure to give this EP a listen below. Enjoy!

IAMTHELIVING – Nebra Sky Pt. 1

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