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How to Reset Your TikTok For You Page Feed

Has your TikTok For You Page gone off the rails? Or maybe it’s just become too repetitive?

Now, there’s a way you can refresh the algorithm and reset the type of content you see as you’re mindlessly scrolling in bed or pretending to do something really important during an awkward situation.

TikTok’s For You Page uses a famously accurate algorithm that shows you videos you might like based on the content you engage with on the app, creating a highly-personalized video feed that probably covers most of your interests.

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But sometimes, you might go down a rabbit hole of information, and suddenly your whole FYP is dominated by that subject, or maybe you have new interests that the app just hasn’t picked up on yet.

TikTok has so many clever features it can be hard to keep up, but this one is a must for switching things up.

How to Reset Your TikTok For You Page

First, head to your Settings in the TikTok app. From there, scroll down and find Content Preferences.



Next, navigate to the section called “Refresh your For You feed.”



This will take you to a screen that shows an adorable elephant and the words, “Want a fresh start?”

All you have to do is press the “continue” button to completely rejuvenate your For You Page.

According to the app, your Following feed, profile and inbox won’t be affected by the update.



One person tested the feature out but regretted losing their former FYP. “I decided to reset my TikTok For You page, and it’s hell now … I regret everything,” the user tweeted.

“I reset my TikTok For You Page and got mainstream Tik Toks for 30 minutes, and maybe we should ban that app, or at least whatever the [redacted] those were,” another person warned in a tweet.

In other words: proceed with caution!

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