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Here’s What Britney Spears Said About Christina Aguilera in Her Memoir

Britney Spears The Woman in Me memoir is now out, and one of the many questions about it is what she has specifically said about some of the biggest names she has been linked to, like Christina Aguilera.

Aguilera, who’d recently said she’d rather not be in the memoir, does feature in Spears’s memories. There is, however, nothing truly salacious about Britney’s recollection of Aguilera, whom she met when they were both part of the Mickey Mouse Club. “Christina Aguilera and I were the younger kids, we shared a dressing room.” And she also spoke about how they looked up to the older kids “Keri Russell, Ryan Gosling, and Tony Lucca.”

Fans of the memoir did note that they thought there was no one who could introduce Aguilera, who is a world-renowned singer herself, in the way that Spears did when they first met and were rejected from the Mickey Mouse Club. “A girl from Pennsylvania named Christina Aguilera and I were told we hadn’t made the cut but that we were talented.”

One particular story in The Woman in Me involves Justin Timberlake, her ex, who features heavily in Spears’s memoir. 

“They were together on the cover of Rolling Stone,” Spears says about Aguilera and Timberlake, “him in a black tank top, looking at her with sexy eyes, her looking out at the camera, wearing a lace-up black shirt. In that story, she said, she thought Justin and I should get back together, which was just confusing given how negative she’d been elsewhere.” Both Aguilera and Timberlake had teamed up around that time for the Justified and Stripped tour together. 

There’s an undeniable level of hurt in Spears’s perceived support of Aguilera for Timberlake that can also be felt as Spears says, later on. “Seeing people I’d known so intimately talk about me that way in the press stung. Even if they weren’t trying to be cruel, it felt like they were just pouring salt in the wound.”

At one point, Spears mentions feeling like she would have liked to enjoy a night out with some of her dancers – who previously worked with Aguilera – in the middle of her tour, but couldn’t because of her conservatorship. 

“The tours under the conservatorship were strictly sober, so we weren’t allowed to drink. Once, I ended up with most of the same dancers as Christina Aguilera. The dancers and I met up with Christina in Los Angeles. She seemed pretty messed up.”

Spears also mentioned Aguilera when talking about The X Factor. When talking about the judges she said, “I think a lot of people are really professional on TV, like Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani.”

Britney Spears’s The Woman in Me is now available for purchase.