Cherry-coloured funky tees all round x

And lo, Heaven’s roster of iconic collabs continues to swell. After tapping the likes of Doja Cat, Winona Ryder, Bladee, Pamela Anderson, and Agent Cooper himself, Kyle MacLachlan, to star in campaigns for his bratty little sister line, Marc Jacobs has just dropped a capsule collection inspired by legendary dream poppers Cocteau Twins. 

In case you’re not familiar, the band rose out of Grangemouth, Scotland in the late 1980s and laid the groundwork for what came to be known as shoegaze. Disbanding in 1997, the group recently scored a new gen of fans after lead singer Elizabeth Fraser’s ethereal, indecipherable wails became the subject of a bunch of lockdown memes.

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Though the designer wasn’t able to convince Fraser and her fellow reclusive band members Robin Guthrie and Simon Raymonde to step in front of the camera for this one – and we’re guessing he tried – artist Paul West’s iconic album imagery has been plastered across a succession of Y2K-indebted bits and pieces. 

On the line-up are a cute flippy skirt bearing graphics from seminal 1990 album Heaven or Las Vegas, a long-sleeved graphic tee, and a silver hairpin and ring set. For those lucky enough to find themselves in LA across the coming weeks, there’s also the opportunity to see West’s OG Cocteau Twins artwork at Heaven’s flagship outpost on Fairfax Avenue. 

Click through the gallery above to check out the full collection.