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Heartbeats and Heatwaves, ‘Pasado Pisado’ by Mi$$il out now

Picture a sonic cocktail with a shot of reggaeton, a splash of hip-hop, served on the rocks of rhythmic lyrics. This is the vibrant musical concoction artist Mi$$il presents in her latest track, “Pasado Pisado”. The single resonates with listeners, sparking both an urge to flow on the dancefloor. For those with romantic wounds, it serves as a mantra, stitched together by the unique rhythm and catchy lyrics like “I move my hips to exorcise.” Just remember ladies, there is more power than you think.

Born in Paraguay and nestled on the border of Brazil and Argentina, Mi$$il has now rooted herself in Mexico, blending diverse cultural influences that culminate in her music. This border-straddling artist has cemented her place in the Latin music scene, seamlessly maneuvering through diverse genres like Reggaeton, Funky, and Trap as both a DJ and singer. And now, with “Pasado Pisado”, she is staking a firm claim in the world of Neoperreo, a sub-genre of reggaeton, characterized by its independent, inclusive, and DIY ethos.

Mi$$il is renowned for her collaborations with international producers and her work with Royal Religion in the creation of “Pasado Pisado” is a testament to her expansive musical repertoire. The fusion of reggaeton and hip-hop in this track provides a distinctive sound, guaranteed to make a lasting impression on the music scene.

This track is not just an audio feast; it comes coupled with a stunning visual buffet. The music video for “Pasado Pisado”, directed by David Friedmann and filmed by The Polf in Tulum, Mexico, takes us on a symbolic journey through the stages of heartbreak and healing. Dressed as a bride, in lacy lingerie, and surrounded by roses, Mi$$il provides a vibrant, dreamy backdrop reminiscent of the 60s.

But don’t take our word for it. The numbers speak for themselves. With hundreds of listeners in cities like Santiago, Buenos Aires, Bogotá, and even as far as Berlin, Mi$$il’s reach is proof of her unique blend of music and charisma.

Mi$$il is more than just an artist. She is a musical force to be reckoned with. Part DJ, part singer, and all-round creator, she is as comfortable creating music as she is in the worlds of tattoo art and fashion.

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