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Gramatik Reaches New Creative Heights on Experimental Tune “Ice Machine”

With a bio like “He who controls the spice controls the algorithm,” it comes as no surprise that experimental producer, Gramatik, marches to the beat of his own drum. His new track, “Ice Machine,” embraces this innovative attitude, impressing us with its genre-fusing mastery.

Experimental drums and blues guitar riffs combine in utter harmony for the introduction of “Ice Machine.” Gramatik combines elements we would never think could go together throughout the course of the track, truly putting the concept of “genre-bending” to the test. The main bass drop on the track is equally soulful as it is heavy, leading us into several jazz-inspired breakdowns and sample-filled interludes. Gramtik’s creativity is off the charts.

You can stream “Ice Machine” at the link below, out everywhere via Lowtemp. Enjoy!

Gramatik – Ice Machine

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