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George Santos Goes Viral for Twitter Spat with Drag Queen Legend Trixie Mattel

Republican congressman George Santos is no stranger to controversies. His time in office has been marred by claims that he lied about his education and work history to voters and several politicians have called for his resignation. Now, he’s getting into Twitter spats with the one and only drag queen Trixie Mattel of RuPaul’s Drag Race and Trixie Motel fame.

In a recent tweet, Santos tries to shade the comedians who have done late-night skits about him, as if there’s anything “embarrassing” about being a drag queen. There have been many, including Bowen Yang on Saturday Night Live and Harvey Guillén on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. For many, a skit is a form of flattery. But it seems that Santos was disappointed in his portrayals.

That’s when Trixie Mattel stepped in and threw a little bit of shade as drag queens do with each other.

Santos replied by mentioning Trixie Mattel’s failed attempt to impersonate RuPaul during an episode of the Snatch Game. Granted, her performance was terrible and rightfully led to her going home, but that’s beside the point.

In response, Trixie Mattel took a page out of Santos’ book and used a line he has used to deny his time as a drag queen. In the tweet, Trixie Mattel parrots Santos’ drag queen life denial by saying, “I am not an actor! I was young and I had fun at a festival!”

It wasn’t long until other drag queen legends like Trinity The Tuck jumped in to support their fellow queen.

This exchange comes on the heels of more images and videos being discovered that prove that Santos was a drag queen despite his denials. Fortunately, some other Rio drag queens have unapologetically spilled the tea about Kitara Ravache and the fact that they were indeed a drag queen in Brazil.

We could discuss the recent legislation from Republicans across the country targeting drag queens and drag shows behind the veil that they care about the children but that’s another topic for another day. It’s just more hypocrisy as George Santos, a former drag queen and alleged liar, sits on congressional committees.