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Florida Sheriff Says ‘Tiger King’ Led To New Tips, Carole Baskin Denies Putting Ex-Hubby In Meat Grinder

A few years after turning social media into an online Justice Department with the release of , Netflix has once again turned a true crime story into a viral hit with it’s latest docu-series , and again viewers like are getting involved and demanding justice for everyone involved one way or another.

While some people want to see series star Joe Exotic freed from prison for allegedly trying to have his wildlife rival, Carole Baskin professionally murdered, others feel Baskin should be paying for her own crimes, namely murdering her husband, Jack “Don” Lewis (the series wild, yo). Decades after the disappearance of her husband, the Netflix series has spurred police to re-open the cold case file as Florida authorities have gotten new leads on the regular since the series became the latest “It” show in recent weeks.

According to The Daily Beast, Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister says he’s been getting up to six tips a day on the disappearance of Lewis and given some of the revelations featured in the docu-series (he was going to divorce Carole Baskin), people feel emboldened to help solve his murder even if they may not have solid information.

“Most tips are more theories,” he said. Chronister said he put out a call for public information and assigned a detective supervisor to handle leads after the documentary series exploded in popularity. “Everyone’s home. They’re watching Netflix,” he said.

Theories about Lewis’ disappearance range from him being fed to tigers to Baskin actually throwing him in a meat grinder and then feeding him to her tigers. While no one knows for sure, reports say the meat grinder was removed from their tiger sanctuary weeks before Lewis disappeared. Carole for her part denies she put her ex-husband in a meat grinder and told the New York Post that “The idea that a human body could be put through it,” she said, “is idiotic.”

Still, conspiracy theorists will continue to theorize as they’ve grown a soft spot for Joe “Tiger King” Exotic and come to loathe Carole Baskin. It’s like a love/hate thing akin to Trump supporters who wanted to see Hillary locked up.

Still, Baskin maintains her innocence and while people continue to believe she had a hand in the disappearance of John Lewis, Patrol Sergeant Thomas says that Baskin was indeed a person of interest when the investigation began, but ultimately “nothing linked her to being involved.”

Joe Exotic meanwhile is currently serving a 22-year prison sentence for twice hiring hit men to kill Baskin, illegally killing some tigers and falsifying documents related to big-cat sales.

Maybe Netflix’s next true crime series should revolve around Biggie and Pac and see which leads that shakes out.

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