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FiNE and Lizwi release debut collaboration ‘The Light’

Twin DJ sensations FiNE, known for their Progressive Afro House beats, have collaborated with Lizwi to drop their maiden single “The Light” on the MoBlack label.

This track artfully blends Progressive Afro House with traditional African rhythms, a fusion of the diverse musical roots of the FiNE twins and Lizwi, paying homage to their collective South African heritage. Originating from Johannesburg and raised in Botswana, these twins have a music style deeply influenced by their multicultural journey spanning South Africa, Botswana, Israel, and Australia. Their global interactions resonate in their distinctive Afro-centric sound, reflecting their upbringing in both DJ sets and original outputs. “The Light” is a taste of all those regions in one, organic rhythms, a hypnotic progression and a universal dance-a-bility that hooks you without even trying.

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