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Fenki Kick Starts The Year In Pole Position With Motivational Anthem “Champion”

Fenki is an emerging Portuguese DJ and producer who just dropped “Champion” on the airwaves, and we are expecting big things to come his way this year. A sublime intro accompanies the ethereal vocals before the incredibly groove-heavy beat brings in the ultimate touch to this very serious contestant for hit of the year. 

“Champion” is a motivational anthem perfectly matching up the hype around its creator, kick starting the year in pole position with this outstanding drop. With smooth changes in energy, and its finest details thoroughly thought of, “Champion” is a  huge number by the rising Portuguese artist, who has created a sound that will appeal both to connoisseurs of the genre as well as mainstream listeners. Thanks to its alluring melody and hypnotic vocals, “Champion” will surely grab the attention of electronic music fans worldwide.