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“Feel Anything”: SIPPY and Dani King Join Forces for a Minimal, Dark, and Melodic Collaboration.

Discovering new music is always exciting, whether it be through live performances, radio play, or curated playlists. However, sometimes the most captivating music is that which evokes deep emotions and feelings. This is certainly the case with the latest collaboration between SIPPY and Dani King, entitled “Feel Anything,” which was released last week on Alison Wonderland’s FMU Records.

While the track could be categorized as dubstep, it differs from the synth-heavy, screeching sounds that have dominated the genre in recent years. Instead, “Feel Anything” features deep, emotional bass and minimal production, with a strong focus on vocals. The result is a unique take on dubstep that may not inspire headbanging but is sure to send shivers down the spine.

In fact, the track’s drum patterns and atmospheric qualities share similarities with the trip-hop genre, particularly Massive Attack’s early work. It’s this innovative approach to production that sets “Feel Anything” apart from other dubstep tracks and makes it a standout release.

On the creative process behind the song, Dani King reveals that she wrote the topline with the prompt “I can’t feel anything” in mind. She aimed to create a vivid and visual experience through the lyrics, which SIPPY was immediately drawn to. In fact, the demo vocals that King provided ended up being used in the final track, highlighting the powerful and unique collaboration between the two artists.

Alison Wonderland, the founder of FMU Records, was also excited about the release, stating that she had been a fan of SIPPY’s music for some time. She was particularly impressed with “Feel Anything” and the opportunity to showcase the talents of two female artists on her label.

Overall, “Feel Anything” is a stunning example of how dubstep can be reimagined and infused with emotion and soul. The collaboration between SIPPY and Dani King is a testament to the power of creative partnerships and highlights the potential for innovative and boundary-pushing music.