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EXCLUSIVE: Mexican Artists Team Up for Modern Lullabies Collection ‘Arrullos Mexicanos’

With Our Heritage Month around the corner, we’re excited to see all the innovative ways to celebrate our cultures and communities this year. The latest unique approach? The artist services company Platoon is releasing a new collection of modern lullabies as an ode to Mexican culture and heritage, Arrullos Mexicanos (Mexican Lullabies), exclusively announced via Remezcla today (Sept. 8). The album will be available on all streaming platforms tomorrow (Sept. 9), but we have the first track for your ears.

Arrullos Mexicanos is composed of 12 Mexican and Mexican-American artists who worked to create their own cradle songs to send your little ones off to sleep. The result is a beautifully curated and original 22-track album that spans from folklore-rich lullabies to soothing piano melodies to help the listener reach a sleeping state. Some of the tracks are peppered with soft animal noises and harmonizing vocals by the talent to provoke a euphoric feeling before you fall asleep.

The album starts with the lead song, “Mi Niño Se Va A Dormir,” a Mexican folklore-influenced tune by the all-women mariachi group Flor de Toloache. The band’s hypnotic vocals serve as an alluring sound to cradle anyone listening to it with an enthralling string arrangement. With these emblematic elements, Flor de Toloache demonstrates their incomparable way of intertwining traditional Mexican music with their contemporary touch.

Other artists participating in the project include Centavrvs, Pahua, Torreblanca, El Plan, Reyna Tropical (which is also released as a tribute to their late member, Nectali ‘Sumohair’ Diaz), Sonido Gallo Negro, Hello Seahorse’s Denise Gutiérrez, Son Rompe Pera, Camilo Lara of Mexican Institute of Sound, Leah Gallegos of Las Cafeteras’ Tia Leah’s Neighborhood, and Coro Acardenchado.

Here’s the full tracklist for Arrullos Mexicanos:

  1. “Mi Niño Se Va A Dormir” – Flor de Toloache
  2. “Flor De Mayo” – Centavrvs
  3. “ Polen” – Pahua
  4. “Tanguyú” – Torreblanca
  5. “Dziu” – El Plan
  6. “Pajaritos” – Reyna Tropical
  7. “El Oro” – Sonido Gallo Negro
  8. “Cuando Te Duermes” – Denise Gutiérrez (of Hello Seahorse)
  9. “Luz De Luna” – Son Rompe Pera
  10. “Duérmete Mi Niña” – Mexican Institute of Sound (Camilo Lara)
  11. “Dos Cosas” – Pahua
  12. “Descansa” – Tia Leah’s Neighborhood (Leah Gallegos of Las Cafeteras)
  13. “Canción De Cuna Gatuna” – Torreblanca
  14. “Pajarito Vuela” – Denise Gutiérrez (of Hello Seahorse)
  15. “Naná Lalú” – Coro Acardenchado
  16. “Cumbia For Babies” – Mexican Institute of Sound (Camilo Lara)
  17. “Konetzin No Kone” – Centavrvs
  18. “Ángela” – Sonido Gallo Negro
  19. “Sueños” – Tia Leah’s Neighborhood (Leah Gallegos of Las Cafeteras)
  20. “Cuento Real” – El Plan
  21. “Only You” – Son Rompe Pera
  22. “Nana Cósmica” – Coro Acardenchado
Courtesy of Platoon.
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The musical project doesn’t only deliver tracks sung in Spanish. It also includes songs in Zapotec, Nahuatl, and Spanglish, showing some of the diversity among Mexican people. The cover art, created by a Mexican artist Yeti, also shows its innovation by illustrating different alebrijes to represent each artist and their personality.

Listen to the first track “Mi Niño Se Va A Dormir” by Flor de Toloache from Arrullos Mexicanos below.