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Picture of Don Modus Couldn't be me

Don Modus Levels Up With “Couldn’t Be Me” Showing Off His Bougie Side

After the release of “Big Time” and “East 2 West,” Don Modus returns with another impressive single called “Couldn’t Be Me.” The new track carries a powerful message, as the rapper and songwriter reveals: “I want my listeners to have big ambitions, and aspire to be the best version of themselves that they can be. The hook is really just affirmations. Telling ourselves to “move like a boss” and aim for finer things in life.”

Modus fearlessly grabs hold of the microphone and delivers the lyrics: “Move like a boss/ 
Love when I win and I learn from a loss/ 
Look at my watch/ 
Walk in the store, get the biggest they got/ 
I’m only drinking champagne/ 
Shake up the bottle I love when it spray/ 
I’m boutta F*ck up the game/ 
When I get done, they’ll be sayin my name.” 

In the song, Modus mentions “winning mentality” and “fearlessness to take risks,” explaining: “Both of those mentalities are essential to get anywhere in this industry. As you know, it’s super saturated and doesn’t do anybody any favors. As an artist you have to believe in yourself more than anybody else. There’s gonna be a lot of twists along the way, but believe in yourself and know you’re a winner.”

Don confidently displays his appreciation for the luxuries of life in his track and accompanying visuals. In the video, he immerses himself in a world of opulence and extravagance, unapologetically living out his bougie lifestyle. He openly acknowledges his desire for the finer things and strives to work harder to afford these lavish experiences, instead of settling for anything less.

Modus is determined to leave a lasting impression on his audience with his latest release “Couldn’t Be Me.” His words are meant to inspire and uplift listeners, reflecting his deep-seated desire to make a positive impact on the hip-hop scene in NY. As an emerging rapper, he is committed to telling authentic stories and creating fresh, captivating songs. Beyond his music, Don also hopes to give back to his community through charitable acts funded by his earnings, fueling his motivation to succeed in his endeavors.

Watch the music video below:

Listen to “Couldn’t Be Me” here: