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Did You Know There’s a Latina Running for President?

The 2024 Presidential Elections are closer than ever, and alongside the Democratic and Republican Candidates running for President, there’s a Latina candidate who will also be vying for the highest job in our government; Claudia de la Cruz.

De la Cruz, born in the South Bronx to immigrant parents from the Dominican Republic is running for President of the United States with the Party for Socialism and Liberation. De la Cruz serves as the Co-Executive Director and co-founder of The People’s Forum in New York City – “a political education space and cultural home for working-class organizers, leaders and intellectuals from all over the country, and around the world.” 

She has actively participated in campaigns to free political prisoners, end the U.S. blockade against Cuba, for the freedom of Palestine, and against police terror. In fact, it was De la Cruz’s protest at finance giant BlackRock’s NYC headquarters that catapulted her into the spotlight recently, as she proclaimed that the company “profits and invests in the death of Palestinian babies.” 

De la Cruz is running with another Latina, Karina Garcia, a Chicana organizer and educator. Garcia, a second-generation Mexican American, has “helped lead campaigns against landlord abuses, wage theft, and police brutality, as well as fights for reproductive justice, immigrants’ rights and student financial aid reform.” She is a founder of the Justice Center en El Barrio in New York City and a member of the Central Committee of the Party for Socialism and Liberation.

The response to their ticket has been overwhelmingly positive, with singer Lauren Jauregui tweeting that theirs is “the STRONGEST campaign I’ve seen” and others saying “it is very much so Claudia De la Cruz for President in this house.”