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Did You Know That Demi Lovato Has Recently Launched a New Podcast “4D”

The mega-star Lovato constantly surprises us with her projects, her last one being the “4D” podcast.

She launched her show on May 19; she asked her fans to tune in every Wednesday for a new episode. 

Lovato is known for being spontaneous and genuine, where she shares her true emotions with the world. The “Sorry Not Sorry” star’s podcast will not only include chit-chats, and she added that she wants also to have deep conversations with her guests.

“We’ll dive into identity, creativity, social movements; we’ll explore questions about our universe, our communities, and ourselves. No matter who you are, how you identify, or what you believe, we should all be living life in 4D,” she stated.

Demi’s show will host artists, activists, entrepreneurs, survivors, and many more.

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