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Xavi, Ivan Cornejo & More Star in SoundCloud’s Docuseries on Música Mexicana

The new wave of música mexicana taking over is being explored in a new short film. As part of SoundCloud’s docuseries on genres, the platform a short film exploring the genre’s explosion featuring Xavi, DannyLux, Ivan Cornejo, and Conexión Divina today (Feb. 7).

Soundcloud teamed up with Toyota to release the documentary Scenes: Música Mexicana. Since 2022, Soundcloud has worked on multiple Scenes documentaries highlighting emerging genres. This time around, SoundCloud is covering música mexicana through the lens of corridos and sierreño. Gen-Z artists on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border have revitalized those two age-old genres for a new generation of fans.

“Entire scenes and genres of music have been birthed on our platform, and tastemakers within the industry continue to look to SoundCloud to identify what’s next in music,” Eliah Seton, SoundCloud’s CEO, said in a statement. “The regional Mexican music scene is another case study on why tomorrow’s mainstream music trends are emerging first on SoundCloud. We’ve been following RMX (regional Mexican) for years and we’re thrilled to continue propelling the artists and scene into the limelight.”

Mexican singer Natanael Cano was a pioneer in ushering in the new wave of música mexicana. Cano and his labelmates at Rancho Humilde like Junior H and Fuerza Regida popularized corridos tumbados. Since last year, Peso Pluma has made that genre go global with his success. In Scenes, Xavi proudly represents this side of música mexicana. He has brought a romantic touch to corridos through his hits like “La Víctima” and “La Diabla.”

The rest of the documentary mostly focuses on sierreño. That genre was revived thanks to the success of Eslabon Armado, DannyLux, and Ivan Cornejo. Conexión Divina proudly represents women in the genre. DannyLux spoke about how they’ve developed an emotional bond with their listeners through their new spin on sierreño. 

“I feel like our generation, everyone is so emotional right now,” DannyLux says in the documentary. “That’s why everybody is just connecting so much.”

Check out the docuseries Scenes: Música Mexicana below.