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Danna Receives Backlash for Saying She Prefers Spain Over Mexico

Danna – formerly known as Danna Paola – is getting backlash due to her comment about her hometown country. On April 17, a Chilean media outlet asked the Mexican singer and actress a series of rapid-fire questions – and one particular answer didn’t sit well with her fans.

Before focusing solely on music, Danna spent three seasons (2018-2020) starring in the hit Spanish series Élite, filmed in Spain. During an interview with FM Dos, the reporter asked the star several light questions like her preference for food, actors, and drinks. Towards the end of the clip, they ask her if she prefers Mexico or Spain in Spanish. The singer said “Spain” in Spanish, which stirred up a controversy on social media.

Fans are now commenting on the “Mala Fama” singer’s recent Instagram post about her response. Instagram users have flooded her comments section with remarks ranging from “Don’t come back to Mexico” or “Go back to Spain then.” Social media users are also posting and expressing their opinions on Twitter/X. 


Other social media users are defending her.

This isn’t her first controversy in 2024. Last month, while pivoting to her mononymous “Danna” era, she asked her fans to help her retrieve a social media user handle to reflect her new identity.

It resulted in hate towards the owner of the @danna account, which the singer regretted and apologized for. “I want to offer my sincerest apologies to Danna for the situation she had to go through. I learn from my mistakes and promise to be more aware and cautious with my actions in the future. I will continue to build an environment of empathy and respect, and I ask everyone to do the same,” she wrote online at the time.