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Danna Paola Meets Up With Rosalía & the Internet Wants a Collab

Pop stars collided at Rosalía’s second show in Mexico City on Monday night (Aug. 15). After the concert, the Spanish singer had a friendly meet-up with Mexican pop princess Danna Paola. The interaction between the two had fans for both artists going wild about a possible collaboration in the future.

Last night, Rosalía performed for a second night at Mexico City’s Auditorio Nacional. She was greeted with even more Dr. Simi plushies that fans threw onto the stage. “I have six Simis, Dr. Simis,” Rosalía said as the crowd roared in excitement. Also in the audience watching her that night was Danna Paola, who was back in Mexico after promoting her new single “XT4S1S.”

After the concert, Danna went backstage to meet with Rosalía. On Instagram, she shared a few photos of the Motomamis hugging and hanging out together. “My Motomami, you have captured Mexico’s heart,” she wrote in the caption. “You are light, friend. What a pleasure to see you shine with that energy and enjoy your art. How nice to hug you finally! ROSALIA HERMANA YA ERES MEXICANA.”

Rosalía responded on IG, writing, “I adore you, my friend. Thanks for being there. Today I left with my heart so full of love.” More video from backstage showed that Danna also introduced her boyfriend, Alex Hoyer, to Rosalía. She joked with Rosalía about the Dr. Simi plushies as well. “I love that you’re taking home so many Dr. Simis,” she told Rosalía with a laugh.

Rosalía and Danna Paola meeting after the concert has both fandoms going wild online, many expressing hope that the two will collaborate on music in the future. “Imagine a collaboration between these two goddesses titled MOTOAGUITA. It would be a major hit,” wrote one fan. “M de mira A ESTAS DOS MOTOMAMIS. Chica, qué dices, ¿Una collab?” wrote another account.

Rosalía’s Motomami Tour will continue through Latin America and touch down in the U.S. next month. Danna Paola recently announced her XT4S1S Tour in Mexico, with U.S. dates to be announced soon.