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Cosmo’s Midnight Reunite with KUČKA on Addictive Single “Chance On You”

To say that Cosmo’s Midnight is on a roll is an understatement. It feels like ever since their sophomore album, Yesteryear, came out in 2020, the duo have been on a streak of hit single after hit single. Their newest track, “Chance On You,” sees the Australians reunite with long-time collaborator, KUČKA.

KUČKA’s unique vocal tone is truly hypnotizing on “Chance On You.” Her engaging hooks, backed by harmonies from Cosmo’s Midnight, are pop-infused enough to be memorable, but alternative enough to be deemed indie. Of course, Cosmo’s Midnight cook up some fresh beats and bass lines throughout “Chance On You,” allowing the instrumental aspects an equal opportunity to shine.

Cosmo’s Midnight commented on writing with KUČKA, sharing:

Writing “Chance On You” with KUČKA was one of the most effortless songs we’ve ever written. Laura has one of the most unique voices that just compliments every style. Since working with her on one of our favorite tracks “Walk With Me,” she’s gone on to work with so many incredible artists so it was so lovely to get back in the studio with her. We spent the majority of our session just catching up and talking about how our lives have changed since we first wrote together. We wrote the track in a beautiful sunny studio in Atwater Village LA and we were just jamming and singing over the beat together, its so bouncy and funky and we hit this critical point that happens in every session where the song just clicks and we were dancing around the studio celebrating. The track is about emotionally investing in someone without knowing what the future may bring, but as always its sat on top of a dense, funky melodic instrumental. We hope you all enjoy this track as much as we did writing it with KUČKA.

You can stream “Chance On You” at the link below. Enjoy!

Cosmo’s Midnight – Chance On You (feat. KUČKA)

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