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Chart-topping Songwriter Keityn Talks Latin Hits and Collaboration with Shakira and Karol G

Keityn, the Colombian hit-maker, has rapidly made a name for himself in the world of Latin music. Having penned chart-topping hits for global superstars like Shakira and Karol G, Keityn’s talent for crafting infectious melodies and compelling lyrics has made him an in-demand songwriter in the music industry.

Keityn’s journey into songwriting began early in his career when he realized his knack for putting words to music. He has since written several hits, including Karol G’s ‘Tusa’ and ‘Bichota’, and Shakira’s ‘Girl Like Me’. These songs not only topped the Latin music charts but also garnered international acclaim, showcasing Latin music’s universal appeal.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Keityn opened up about his creative process, saying, “I try to bring a bit of my personality and my experiences into each song. It’s about making the artist feel comfortable with the lyrics and the melody.” He added that he doesn’t write songs specifically for an artist until he’s in the studio with them, allowing for a more genuine and collaborative process.

Keityn’s talent has undoubtedly contributed to the rise of Latin music on the global stage. As he continues to collaborate with established artists and emerging talents, fans of Latin music can look forward to more chart-topping hits from this gifted songwriter. Keityn’s commitment to authenticity in his songwriting and his ability to craft universally appealing songs suggests a bright future in the industry.