Cast by Levi’s for the next leg of its Jeans and a Nice Top campaign, the Bridgerton star tells Dazed why the simple formula always equals style gold

In series two of Bridgerton, as is customary each year, the Queen chose her ‘diamond of the season’, the debutant earning the eyes of the most suitors. It’s little wonder that she chooses Edwina; the actor behind the character, Charithra Chandran, is shimmering right now and in dizzyingly high demand.

While most stars start out on the small screen with an equally miniature part, Chandran made her TV debut on Prime’s major adaptation of Alex Rider just two years ago as super sleuth Sabina Pleasance. Following Bridgerton, she’s been signed-up for a lead role in Song of the Sun God and another main part in How to Date Billy Walsh. Many of us have Main Character Syndrome; she’s actually living it.

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Now, it’s Levi’s turn to get involved, casting Chandran in its latest project. The campaign celebrates the most universal of everyday uniforms: Jeans And a Nice Top. From the golden days of being a teenager to working weeks as a certified adult, the Jeans and A Nice Top formula has been a surefire staple for many of us. An easy way to look good without even trying, it’s a simple way to lighten your luggage and your mind.

Jeans, of course, run deep in Levi’s genes: after all, they invented them. Ready to turn 150 next year, the all-American titan has been the essential denim brand for generations, a symbol of youth, counterculture and carefree style. These days, they’re also hot on tops, stocking a range of graphic tees and check shirts to help you build an entire outfit. 

This one-stop-shop approach means that you can mix-and-match Levi’s tops with any of its jeans like one of those flipbooks  – be it straight, slim, tapered, baggy, whatever – and always end up with something cute. Aside from helping you work towards a capsule wardrobe that’s easy to adopt and adapt, it’s also ideal when you’re on a budget, letting you spend less time and money on outfits and more of both on having a good one.

To sway any sceptics, Dazed asked Chandran why she thinks Jeans and a Nice Top is a winning formula; if you’re still not convinced, you will be by the end. To paraphrase Edwina’s most-memed line: were you truly that blind?

Styling and choosing outfits day-to-day can be stressful – how does the Jeans and a Nice Top formula make things really easy?

It gives you a good foundation for an outfit from which you can then build. Most people have a pair of jeans and a nice top so the combo is also incredibly accessible. Life can be stressful; we don’t need picking an outfit to be stressful too, so anything to make that process easier, I’m all for.

You picked up your first pair of Levi’s® when you were nine – what was it about Levi’s® that made it your top choice?

I think it’s how iconic the brand is; when you think of jeans, you think of Levi’s®. At the time, it also felt like such a ‘grownup’ purchase. I felt so cool wearing my dark wash skinny jeans. I would literally get out of my school uniform and put on my jeans every evening until bedtime.

There’s something chicly effortless about Jeans and a Nice Top – does it show a kind of confidence, something not too try-hard?

Oh, it is definitely effortlessly chic and it conveys that this person has places to be and people to see. You’re ready for anything and dressed for everything in Jeans and a Nice Top and I suppose there’s a confidence that comes with that.

You travel a lot, making a capsule wardrobe essential. Has it made you realise that we don’t need a huge rotation?

It’s amazing how many different outfits can be created with just a few versatile and essential items. I’m trying to make more sustainable lifestyle choices and this extends to fashion. Instead of buying tons of clothes that I won’t get round to wearing which is terrible for the environment and my pocket, I’m trying to make more thoughtful and considered purchases.

I’m considering how well new pieces will fit into my existing wardrobe and how much actual wear I’ll get out of them. A couple of pairs of jeans in different styles/washes that you absolutely LOVE and you’re good to go for most social occasions.

 To any Jeans and a Nice Top meme-creators and naysayers – what would you say?

I don’t believe you. I secretly believe that you are the biggest fan of the Jeans and a Nice Top formula. How can you not be?