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Kalimba To Go on Trial For Sexual Assault

[Editor’s note: This story contains information about sexual assault]

Last year, Kalimba announced he was going to take legal action against sexual abuse allegations made by the singer-songwriter and former La Voz México contestant Melissa Galindo. After the first hearing yesterday (Apr. 17), it was announced that the OV7 member will be going on trial due to sufficient evidence to start an investigation.

After the hearing, Kalimba talked in front of cameras. He’s heard saying in Spanish, “[Do me] a favor, don’t lie. It’s my life, because that really does harm,” after a reporter asks if 20 pieces of evidence were presented. He then tells the reporter not to lie and tells the rest of the reporters to do their job “right” because what they say will destroy him. 

Galindo also spoke with the press, and said: “The only thing I want to share with you that is very important is that as hard as this process has been for me – I mean, it really was a torture…– I do not regret one single second of having raised my voice.” She also shared that she’s doing this to generate a change in society in hopes this doesn’t happen again.

Last year, Galindo accused Kalimba of sexual abuse. She posted an Instagram video recounting her past with the Mexican singer. In the video, she talked about the singer’s invitation to sign with his record label and how he asked her to open for one of his concerts. However, she then went into detail about how Kalimba allegedly sexually abused her on two separate occasions. She also opened up about a third instance, where the “Tocando Fondo” singer allegedly proceeded to ask her if she wanted to have sexual intercourse with him after a music video shoot, claiming no one would ever find out. Galindo said she turned him down and sought legal help to get out of her artist contract the next day.

After the allegations, Kalimba published a press release, ensuring he’s always respectful towards the people he’s worked with. “I firmly deny the statements made against me. Before the authorities, I will demonstrate with evidence the falsehood of these accusations with the help of my legal team,” he wrote at the time.

Now, Kalimba is due for a court hearing in the next six months but will face the process without doing jail time. As of now, the singer is still set to perform his next concerts in the U.S., which are scheduled for May and June.