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Bridesmaid Kicked Out of Wedding for Wearing Wrong Color Dress

A woman received support on Reddit after revealing she kicked her bridesmaid out of her ceremony for going against her wishes and wearing a dress that clashed with her wedding theme.

“The wedding went smoothly, apart from one guest’s dress preference, who we’ll call Anna. Anna’s mother sadly passed away in January this year. Her mother was the light of her life and ever since she passed, Anna has been understandably uptight and distant,” she wrote in her post.

The woman shared she had planned for an ocean-themed wedding since she and her family “grew up on the seaside and have always been close to the ocean.” She made it clear to her bridesmaids that the approved colors for their dresses would be blue, coral pink or pastel green.

Everyone agreed and appeared to like the bride’s choices — except Anna, who had been exclusively wearing purple, her late mother’s favorite color, ever since she had passed away.

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During a lunch before the ceremony, Anna asked the bride if she could wear a purple dress to honor her mother at the wedding. After thinking it through and discussing it with her husband, the woman said no.

“I’m not crazy about themes usually, but since this wedding was themed to support my family’s tradition and considering my maid-of-honor was already going to be wearing a GORGEOUS pastel blue dress with purple and gold accents, me and my husband … politely told her that we understand what she’s going through, but we really want bridesmaids on theme,” she recalled.

Anna looked “hurt” and left the lunch, and she and the bride didn’t speak much before the wedding.

“That was until she texted me ‘What do you think of these dresses?’ and displayed many different purple dresses in photos. I kindly reminded Anna that she wouldn’t be wearing a purple dress to my wedding. Anna was enraged. I tried to tell her that I understand her feelings but my wedding is my own special day. To this she blocked me,” the bride revealed.

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When the wedding day arrived, Anna boldly showed up in a purple dress anyway.

The bride was outraged.

“I asked her why she had gone against my wishes and that she either had to change or leave. To this she told me to stop creating a scene and that I was being dramatic and disrespectful. Anna broke out in a screaming match and called me and my family ‘Insensitive, selfish bas—ds,'” she wrote, adding she had her friend escorted by security from the wedding “screaming.”

Users in the comments section rallied behind the bride.

“If she’s grieving so deeply that she really needed to wear that color, she should have offered to step down as bridesmaid. As a guest, she could wear the purplest purple that ever purpled without an issue,” one person wrote.

“Heck she could have worn purple under garments or even purple nail polish… something small but not too noticeable and not taking away from the overall theme and that wasn’t upstaging,” another commented.

“She could’ve respected your wish but instead did the opposite. Blocking people because you got in an argument with them is also very childish. She’s got some issues she really needs to work on,” someone else shared.

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