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Brandon Beal, HEDEGAARD and Lizzy Wang revive Red Hot Chili Peppers’ sample on ‘The Ones We Lost’

Three globally recognized talents – Denmark’s HEDEGAARD, America’s Brandon Beal, and China’s Lizzy Wang – have come together for a stunning collaboration titled “The Ones We Lost.”

This isn’t the first successful rendezvous between HEDEGAARD and Brandon Beal. Their previous collaboration, “Twerk It Like Miley,” boasts a staggering 110M streams on Spotify and has amassed 255M views on YouTube. These boys are masters at delivering catchy hooks and approachable club tracks that are fun and flighty without taking themselves too seriously. And now with Lizzy Wang lending her touch to the production the three-way merge of styles turns out a truly unique offering.

Sharp-eared fans might detect a familiar sample woven through the track. It originates from “Pretty Little Ditty” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers (also sampled by Crazy Town for their massive hit “Butterfly.)” A nod to the heyday of rock and some of the Chili Peppers best and earliest work.

Seamlessly blending heartfelt emotion with club-ready beats, the song captures listeners right from the start with Beal’s evocative vocals laying in their hooks while a somber guitar sequence lays things on thick. Everything plays in harmony, a perfect juxtaposition to an uplifting bassline that is both resonant and rhythmic, richly textured with layers of depth hidden in a heartfelt message.