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#BlackInkCrew: Tati Keeps Her Mouth Shut, Walt & Jess Tie The Knot & More

Last week on penultimate episode, Ceaser wasn’t feeling the intervention at the strip club trying to get him and Richard to hash things out, and that’s how the episode ends. We open up with that moment in the season finale.

Jess and Walt’s bachelor/bachelorette party had the energy sucked out of it after Ceaser gets irritated after his employees try to get him to talk to Richard. Like a grown-ass child, Ceaser storms off and notices Miss Kitty with her friend walking into the spot, which makes him even more upset.

Kitty is not happy to learn that the 113th crew is there and wants to know why Walter didn’t give her the heads-up.

Meanwhile, Puma is trying his absolute best to persuade Ceaser not to leave, but the tattoo shop mogul’s feelings have been severely hurt, and he leaves the club.

With Ceaser gone, that leaves Donna to beef with Kitty. Tati also isn’t too thrilled to see the former brand ambassador. Donna tells Kitty that she only has courage because she is there with her friend. Then immediately, Donna begins to argue with Kitty, but before things get outta hand, Walt shuts down the argument between the Black Ink employees.

Donna, who is exceptionally salty that Kitty is there, begins to ponder her friendship with Walt following him inviting Richard and Miss Kitty. Jess tries to get the struggle tattoo artist to relax, but Donna just can’t seem to get over it. Donna’s annoying self claims that Kitty will go all out to keep her reputation intact and that if Walt and Jess don’t see that, then it’s their problem. Donna, Alex, and Tati all exit the club in disgust.

Good riddance.

The next day Puma and great value Keyshia Cole, oops, we mean Quani ask Cease about his temper tantrum and why he didn’t talk to Richard. Ceaser claims he has a lot on his mind, mainly his flagship tattoo shop, that he is in danger of losing. He finally explains that he is upset because Richard never came to him like a man to talk about their problems. Puma remains hopeful they will eventually squash things.

Later on that day, Quani couldn’t help but keep her big mouth closed and tells Tati of all people that Alex is going to propose to Donna. We can literally see Tati’s heart sink into her hating ass because she is all of sudden so infatuated with Donna and wants her for herself.

Walt’s family finally arrives in Hawaii, and as we get closer to the big day, its time for the wedding rehearsal dinner.

If you’re a Black Ink Crew fan like us, then you remember the last time the band of misfits sat down at a dinner, things didn’t go too well. Haters Tati and Bae are not too pleased to see Kitty and her friend walk in.  Quani does her best to keep things civil and uses her old beef with Ceaser as an example that people can get over anything, but it did take some time.

Donna walks in, and Walter immediately believes things are about to get real spicy at the rehearsal dinner. Donna sits her corny self down and claims that due to Kitty attending the wedding, she might not be there.

Really Donna?

She also finds it funny that Kitty had some issues with the women in Chicago but won’t be able to come back to Black Ink. Why would Kitty want to do that? Anyway, Donna tells Kitty to go back to Chicago. Kitty tells Donna she can’t tell her to go anywhere. Donna claims she does and says that nobody from Black Ink wants her there and points out that Ceaser hasn’t forgiven her.

Tati decides it’s her turn to open her mouth and spew trash after Donna says Kitty was acting fake towards her even though Tati was there for her when her mother tragically passed away. Kitty clowned Donna on social media and let it be known at the table she doesn’t want anything to do with Tati.

Kitty then gets emotional because she considered Black Ink to be family, but they turned their backs on her. She feels there was a better way to get at her instead of being so hurtful. Tati then claims that Kitty invests too much energy into people who don’t care about her.

Ceaser has finally had enough and for once acts like an adult telling them, they need to chill because it’s WALT and JESS’ WEDDING REHEARSAL and they can invite whoever they want. Plus, it wasn’t the time to bickering over nonsense.

Walt is also over it and tells everyone that whether they show up or not, he is still going to marry Jess. Tati and Kitty decide they are done dealing with each other.

Speaking of Tati, she is still “struggling” with whether or not she should be a hater and ruin Walt and Jess’ wedding by sharing that groom was her in DM’s months ago. While hanging out with the bride, Jess reveals to Tati, Donna, and Bae how much she loves Walt and that she was initially scared to marry him because her first marriage failed. Tati reveals she has something to tell Jess, and at the moment, it looks like she is about to snitch but has a change of heart telling Jess she is going to make a beautiful bride. Donna and Bae are both relieved.

Its the big day, but mother nature has other plans, and the skies open up, forcing the gang to run for shelter.

Once inside, Richard and Ceaser have that much-needed conversation they needed to have for a long time. Richard tells Ceaser they have been through worse than him taking a picture with Dutchess. Ceaser tells Richard he doesn’t know what to say.

Ceaser says that Richard is the one person he didn’t think would make a move like that. Richard says he understands Cease more now that he owns his own tattoo shop, and he admits to being a terrible employee during his tenure at Black Ink. Ceaser also admits to making some mistakes in his past as well and realizes as he expands his “empire,” he loses more friends. The two men finally agree to put their differences aside and never let anything get between their friendship.

Finally, its time for Walt and Jess to jump the broom. The ceremony goes down inside the rental house due to the rain, but it was still beautiful. After exchanging vows and saying I do, Kitty and her friend bounce, pointing out that she was only there for Walt and Jess.

While everyone is partying and celebrating Walt and Jess’ union, Alex and Donna break away from the festivities. Alex finally gets down on one knee and pops the question. Of course, his cheating girl breaks down and in tears as she says yes.

Tati’s hating ass just happens to walk outside while this is happening, and it seems at first she is disappointed. She ultimately says that seeing Donna happy is all she wants and congratulates the couple bringing the season to an end.

Viewers had thoughts, of course, and let Ceaser, Tati, and Donna have it. You can peep all of the reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz