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The Air Jordan 1 x Dior Raffle Is Officially Open, $2200 For HI’s Bruh

After months of anticipation, it’s finally here: !

Today Dior has launched its exclusive online microsite for the Air Jordan 1 x Dior raffle and though it’s only been up a second we’re sure it’s already gotten hundreds of thousands of signups from hypebeasts, sneaker collectors and resellers.

But before you go trying to catch that hot L, remember that you can only choose one of the sneakers being raffled off. Customers will have to choose between the highs which retail for $2,200 or the lows which carry a price tag of $2,000. Pick a location for pickup, choose a size and make sure your ID matches your name and information. We’re not sure if Dior will check your kicks to make sure the size matches what you chose but you never know.

Though many heads have bots and programs that enter hundreds of email addresses from different IP addresses to make it seem like different people are entering, we’re not sure if Dior will be able to combat such methods but what can we do but hope for a level playing field.

Remember that stock for the highs and lows are limited to 8,500 pairs and 4,700 pairs respectively, so enter wisely and don’t be too sad if you take that inevitable L. Also if you win and decide that the sneaker is in fact for the personal toe, we suggest you have Bruce Lee hands because if heads was getting robbed for their imagine what fools will do for a pair of Air Dior 1’s.

Ya might have to walk around with bodyguards especially if you’re looking brand new during this recession.