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Billie Eilish Has a Secret TikTok Account: Watch Her Stick a Ukulele Head in Her Mouth Just Because

Billie Eilish is now on TikTok!

Fans can't simply search Eilish's name to find her somewhat secret account. Her username is "@CoochieDestroyer5". The "Therefore I Am" singer created the account on November 12.

Although her profile does not have a bio or image, fans quickly discovered that it was her after she posted a video of her using the viral Time Warp Scan filter. In just two days, the video reached 68 million views.

On Friday (November 13), Eilish posted her second video. "Do you guys remember when I was fifteen and I could fit an entire ukulele head in my mouth?" she asked her fans. "Should we see if I could do it again?" she smiled. "I very much doubt it, but we shall try."

Eilish then shoved a portion of the Ukulele head in her mouth, and it still fit. She then began uncontrollably laughing.

At the time of this article's publication, her TikTok has accumulated 3.2 million followers, 18.4 million likes and 90 million views for her two videos.

Watch her videos, below.