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Beyonce Wardrobe Malfunction Saved by Backup Dancer

Beyonce’s backup dancer deserves a raise after tactfully saving the superstar from a wardrobe malfunction on stage.

Queen Bey was performing during her Renaissance Tour stop at Volksparkstadion in Hamburg, Germany on June 21 when she nearly suffered a “nip slip.”

While energetically performing her hit song “Break My Soul” during her set, the halter top on Beyonce’s hot pink gown began to slip to the side. One of her backup dancers and part of French dance duo Les Twins — Laurent and Larry Nicolas Bourgeois — managed to cover her and alert her to the impending wardrobe malfunction before it became an issue.

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A viral TikTok video shows the dancer noticing the costume issue and expertly covering Bey while slickly incorporating his quick-thinking save into the choreography, all without missing a beat.

Beyonce, meanwhile, continues to serve her outstanding vocals and dance moves with her hand covering her chest.

Watch the moment, below.

In the comments section on TikTok, fans thanked the dancer for looking out for Queen Bey.

“The fact that they didn’t even speak. She kept singing but she knew he stepped out of character for a reason … I’m amused at these professionals,” one viewer wrote.

“The professionalism, the slickness, the simplicity in his movement placing her own hand where she needed to cover! Too good!” another marveled.

“Now that is talent. That he saw something happening and didn’t miss a beat while performing and allowed her to fix it. Love Les Twins,” someone else shared.

“See Justin Timberlake … THAT is for you handle a woman’s wardrobe malfunction,” another user wrote, referencing the infamous 2004 Super Bowl Halftime Show.

“Les Twins saved … les twins,” someone else joked.

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