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How Did We All Miss The-Dream's Special Valentine's Day Performance?

What better way to enjoy Valentine’s Day than with a serenade by hitmaker The-Dream? And how did many of us not know that he delivered a romantic performance for Tidal’s Sessions series?

Dressed in a light pink suit with a carnation accenting his chest pocket, the recording artist sang into a hanging mic while standing in a classy set and what looks like every flower you can think of. In between fan-favorites like “I Luv Your Girl” (2008), “Purple Kisses” (2007), and “Forever” (2018), The-Dream’s performance included messages about love with quotes like, “Love is a religion of its own” and “The truest love is when one gives all of their self to you.”

A day before the premiere of his set, he shared a couple of behind-the-scenes photos from the recording session. In one post shared on his Instagram page, The-Dream explains the meaning behind the floral set design.

“ADAMU The inside of my mind and core looks similar to this, Heaven is always Right Now, make your thought into an Action and show the world how beautiful a mind can be,” he wrote in a caption. “The mind deserves to be seen and not left for speculation or only known to the others who value the mind overall. Lavender/pink/red/blue/green. #life.”

Although the holiday of love has passed, it’s never too late to get into some grown and sexy tunes from the singer-songwriter and producer. So go grab some wine and a piece of that leftover chocolate and vibe out to The-Dream’s performance set above. It’s for the lover in you.