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Bad Bunny’s ‘YHLQMDLG’ Is Charting Again in the Top 20

Fans must be having the times of their lives at Bad Bunny’s El Último Tour del Mundo, seeing that one of the albums he’s performing is back on the Billboard charts following its second anniversary. Whether fans are streaming his songs to prepare for the concert to reminisce or to wish they were present, his Grammy-award-winning YHLQMDLG album is back on this week’s Billboard 200 chart within the top 20.

The Puerto Rican icon is currently on tour performing songs from his last two albums: YHLQMDLG and El Último Tour del Mundo. It is no surprise that people are listening back to them, especially as they’ve been hyped on social media — take Tiktok’s #ElUltimoTourDelMundo, for example. The tour has created an entirely new online presence for these two albums. Fans all over the nation are sharing their favorite live tracks on social media and making a point to share their outfits for the show. It’s clear that the hype for this long-awaited concert is real, making way for YHLQMDLG to shine once again.

Additionally, finally being able to experience YHLQMDLG’s popular songs such as “Safaera” and “Yo Perreo Sola” live has people talking about the album again as if it was barely released, which could’ve resulted in the album reaching Billboard 200’s Top 20 again.

Tour aside, Twitter users are not over the album itself either. With the pandemic interrupting our YHLQMDLG 2020 summer, maybe this year is the time we will finally get to fully celebrate the album’s release.

In any case, the release of YHLQMDLG was iconic. The album broke records left and right, including becoming the highest-charting all Spanish-language album on the Billboard 200 chart. It also set the record for the most career entries for an artist on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs, with 83 songs (overriding Daddy Yankee’s 74 hits).

It’s about time we all have a well-deserved YHLQMDLG summer to celebrate the amount of joy that this particular Bad Bunny album gave us all at the moment we needed it the most. Cheers to having a YHLQMDLG summer!