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Ayri Reveals How She Created A “Cocktail” Of Passion & Positivity With “Shake”

Rising Latin sensation, Ayri, captivates the global audience with “Shake,” a song that has a seductive undertone and a central theme of love and passion. Bringing positivity and leaving a lasting positive impression, the single was inspired by Latin culture and music.

During our conversation, Ayri explains that her new release sends a positive message, aiming to uplift listeners. The goal was to create “an irresistible “love cocktail” or “love machine” that blends dance, passion, and fun, serving as a tool for women to seduce any desired man and allowing them to shake off negative emotions and embrace positivity.”

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Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your new single, “Shake,” and what it means to you personally? 

My team’s goal was to create something that would captivate a diverse audience, so we aimed for an interesting and enjoyable track. The song’s upbeat rhythm invokes a strong sense of positivity and encourages movement, reminiscent of the excitement of a first encounter. The concept behind it is to let go of emotions by moving and shaking to the music, making it an uplifting and carefree experience. 

The title, “Shake,” has a seductive undertone to it, as we wanted to see people move to the rhythm. The song’s central theme is love and passion, but we didn’t want to make it heavy or depressing, as we prefer to create music that brings happiness and leaves a positive impression. 

Music has a powerful impact, and by creating light, happy, and passionate tracks, we hope to provide the audience with a joyful and long-lasting memory. We believe that keeping things positive is essential, and it can help us to overcome small inconveniences.

Could you tell us more about how your experiences in different cultures have shaped and influenced your music?

Traveling is one of my passions, and I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to immerse myself in various cultures. Among the different cultural experiences, I find myself particularly drawn to Latin culture and music. There is an innate attraction to the way Latin music brings out an inner fire in everyone who hears it. The style and tone of the music have a natural passion that is hard to resist. 

What I find most appealing is how the music brings out the movement of nature and the environment. The shape, pivots, and steps all have an organic feel when set to a Latin music style. Even the environment itself is a natural source of musical inspiration. Looking out the window of an airplane, one can see a whole universe of music waiting to be discovered. 

But, the energy and passion of Latin music, combined with the inspiration from the natural world, make it an irresistible source of joy and creativity.

What was it like working with multi-platinum producer Val Coleman on “Shake” and at the Grammy Award-winning A2F Studios in Miami?

We initially met while working on an AfroBeat project and fused it with a pop and passionate Latin vibe, creating a unique musical style. Working with seasoned professionals in the studio made for an eclectic experience that infused our music with a sexy attitude that brings out the best in people. We have produced three albums together and are currently working on a fourth. Our natural partnership in the studio is built on trust and friendship, and we collaborate like true professionals. Our shared understanding of the music we create makes us a unique and effective production team.

How do you strive to convey positivity and joy through your songs, and why is it important for you to do so? 

I believe that all sounds can impact our bodies, which is why it is crucial that they remain positive, uplifting, and emotionally liberating. Our thoughts and words shape our lives, so it is essential to maintain a positive mindset when singing. My music sends a positive message to audiences and aims to uplift them, even if some songs have a melancholic tone. Music can heal us both physically and mentally, making it a powerful tool for well-being.

What can fans expect from your upcoming album, and how will it differ from your previous releases? 

Our highly skilled team excels at creating unique and innovative sounds that will keep fans’ positive hearts pumping. We are continuously fusing different musical styles with new instruments to deliver fresh beats that excite and inspire. Maintaining authenticity is paramount in our music; therefore, we only sing about topics we believe in and feel an emotional responsibility towards our audience. It is essential for an artist to represent themselves authentically through their music to maintain their credibility with their fans.

Of the various contemporary artists you draw inspiration from, could you elaborate on which particular elements of their music have had the most significant impact on your own style and sound?

Rihanna is a significant inspiration for her authenticity, both on and off-camera, particularly in her singing. She maintains her personal style and integrity while experimenting with various musical genres. Selena Gomez is another inspiration who harnesses her innocence as a tool, particularly on stage, and delivers a pure energy that is otherworldly and mesmerizing to the crowd.

How do you hope listeners will feel when they listen to “Shake,” and what message do you want them to take away from it?

My goal is for my music to become a tool for women to seduce any man they desire, while also serving as an attractive and sensual anthem that allows them to shake off negative emotions and embrace positivity. I aim to create an irresistible “love cocktail” or “love machine” that blends dance, passion, and fun.

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