The voice behind summer banger “Djadja” has joined forces with Demna on a bunch of merch, as well as a Pa Salieu and Pop Smoke-featuring playlist

When Demna’s not raging to Rammstein in his studio, seemingly the Georgian designer is as obsessed with French musician Aya Nakamura as the rest of us. How do we know? After tapping the legendary German metallers for a merch collab and specially curated playlist in early 2021, and linking up with RuPaul after that, he’s now joining forces with the “Djadja” singer for his latest drop. 

This time, Nakamura’s face is plastered across the front of oversized t-shirts, slouchy hoodies, and long-sleeves, with everything finished with Balenciaga logos (obvs). Rounding things off is a silver version of Demna’s in-demand Hourglass bag, onto which the singer has scrawled her signature, which is surely one for the super fans.

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Speaking of fans, the house has once more enlisted a bunch of Nakamura’s supporters to star in the accompanying campaign. Where Rammstein’s followers were snapped in their bedrooms, many surrounded by merch, this series sees cute kids line up to have photos signed. 

Check out the collection in the gallery above, and head here to listen to bangers by Pop Smoke, Pa Salieu, A$AP Rocky, and Tems on Nakamura’s Balenciaga playlist.