Abby Roberts, Me Love Me Alot, Donté Colley, Ella Snyder, and more take a trip into one another’s algorithms

Ever wondered how bizarre your TikTok FYP is vs everyone else’s? Do you get an endless stream of niche memes? Are you cursed with being on straight TikTok? Well, eight of the platform’s fave stars are about to find out.

To capture the many moods of TikTok, Dazed got some of the app’s most recognisable faces to swap accounts and explore each other’s For You Pages. Abby Roberts and Me Love Me Alot take a trip into one another’s algorithms, with the latter being exposed to the app’s trends for the first time, while Roberts gets a surprise glimpse of herself.

Mei Pang gets an insight into Donté Colley’s FYP, which he says is “all over the map” – AKA cats petting each other, a dancing line drawing, and voice notes about Amber Rose resembling a water bottle.

Elsewhere, Ehiz Ufuah and Jonysios take an idiosyncratic journey through potato TikTok, kitten TikTok, and man-eating-ice-cream-in-a-frozen-lake TikTok. And finally, Callum Mullin shares the “treats on my FYP” with Ella Snyder, but isn’t so impressed with her “weird and freaky” offerings (“Nobody cares,” he screams at one video of a girl revealing what she eats in a day).

Watch the full video below, and read about the many moods of 2020 as presented via TikTok here.