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Author of Kids’ Book About Grieving Accused of Murdering Husband

Utah-based author, real estate agent and mother Kouri Richins, who wrote and published a children’s book about how to grieve a dead parent, has been charged with murdering her husband via poisoning.

Kouri, 33, appeared in court Monday (June 12) where she was confronted with evidence, including blistering witness testimonials and alleged “incriminating” web searches from her cell phone.

Kouri’s late husband, Eric Richins, 39, was found dead in the couple’s bedroom around 3AM on March 3, 2022, just hours after Kouri made him a Moscow Mule cocktail to celebrate a recent real estate closing.

An autopsy and toxicology report later revealed Eric “had about five times the lethal dosage of fentanyl in his system,” according to CNN.

Kouri alleged that she attempted to perform CPR while calling the police, however, prosecutors in court Monday provided evidence that showed EMS responders were the first to perform CPR on Eric.

“The Defendant informed dispatch and police she performed CPR on Eric Richins while awaiting EMS response. Foam coming from Eric Richins’ mouth, however, indicates that EMS personnel were in fact, the first to perform CPR on him,” prosecutors claimed, according to Law & Crime network.

Prosecutors also confronted Kouri with her own alleged internet search history, which reportedly included searches for “luxury prisons for the rich in America,” “signs of being under federal investigation,” “what is a lethal dose of fentanyl” and whether or not police can force a person to take a polygraph test.

She also allegedly searched for “how to permanently delete information from an iPhone remotely.”

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Prosecutors claim Kouri attempted to change Eric’s life insurance policy to make herself the sole beneficiary just weeks before his death.

According to documents obtained by CNN, investigators also reported a “series of illicit fentanyl purchases in the months leading up to her husband’s death.”

Kouri’s lawyers claim there is no proof their client distributed the lethal dose of fentanyl to her husband.

“Law enforcement never identified or seized any fentanyl or other illicit drugs from the Family Home [and] the State has provided no evidence that there was fentanyl found in the home. Nor have they provided any evidence that Kouri gave Eric the fentanyl at issue,” her lawyers wrote in a motion.

According to CNN, Kouri faces charges of criminal homicide, aggravated murder and three counts of possession of a controlled substance. She has not submitted a plea as of publishing.

Kouri is currently being held without bail as she awaits the outcome of the trial.

Following Eric’s death, Kouri published “Are You With Me?,” a book for children about navigating the death of a parent.

Google Reads describes the children’s book as “a heartwarming and reassuring book that gently guides children through the difficult experience of losing a loved one. Written by a loving mother who personally faced this challenge, this book is designed to offer comfort and solace to young minds in a way that is both accessible and engaging.”

The 42-page book, which Kouri dedicated to her “amazing husband” and supposedly wrote for their three children, has been removed from Amazon.

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